Eric Brown

Eric Brown is the author of Eat, Bicker, Love. This blog chronicles the peregrinations of Eric and his lovely wife Janine as they travel the world in a (probably futile) attempt to pretend that their daughter Maggie has not gone off to college. At the same time, here’s their chance to be newlyweds again and see the world without having to pay for a third airplane ticket. When Eric is not violating the terms of middle age, he is the principal of Brownbridge Strategies, a strategy and communications consulting firm that helps non-profit organizations and foundations achieve their goals. 1024 mugshot

3 thoughts on “Eric Brown

  1. So glad you’re off and running. I’m fully expecting an entry about the oddest places you do T25 or P90X while on the road. Afterall if you’re bringing all those socks you have to put them to use.

  2. I suppose that I will now go through EBL withdrawals. I have so enjoyed following your adventures and occasionally commenting on the places you’ve visited and the sights you’ve seen. Wishing you all the best in what lies ahead. Not as dramatic perhaps as the crowded republican presidential field or the virtues of quinoa, but nevertheless, a continuing saga in the life of two contemporary Magellans circumnavigating the globe together. Long may you love!

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